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2010-04-01 20:35:36 by ORANGEGARBAGE

HOW DO YOU FREAKIN' UPLOAD A VIDEO!?!!?!? I just put a video in "The Dumping Grounds." Not too smart. I thought that was the uploading thing. Guess not. :L


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2011-01-30 01:29:53

1. Go to the YouTube video you'd like to put on a post
2. Click the "Embed" button (it is near the like and dislike buttons)
3. Copy and the code it give you (do NOT change it or leave any of it out!)
4. On your NG post, click "Embed video", and paste the code.
If you've done this correctly, then it should show a video on your NG page


Thanks man! I haven't used this site in years, and I kind of gave up on animation for a while. Do you know if it's OK to upload other types of videos besides flash? (Also, how do I upload sound files? Is it the same as for videos, or is there an easier way to upload? Like directly from my files?)